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Gutter Guards That Work

Gutter guards are required in some homes. Cleaning the gutters can be a dangerous chore at times.

There are many different types of gutter guards on the market, and they are not all the same. Simple metal screens, soft sponges, helmets, metal inserts, vinyl screens, and vinyl caps are some of the gutter guards available in the Austin market. We tested various gutter guard products on the market and determined the best for our Texas climate.

Each of the products listed below has its own set of advantages. We can bring samples to your home to learn more about these excellent gutter guard products.

Gutter guards can be purchased with or without new gutters. Please contact us for a free gutter inspection and estimate.

1. Premium Screen

Any screen on the market will require maintenance occasionally, but these will keep debris out of your gutters. Our screens are steel and powder coated, so they will not cave in like big box store brands over time and can withstand the Texas heat.

2. LeafBlaster

Leaf Blaster is a lighter-duty alternative to Gutterglove Pro, providing the same filtering technology at a lower cost.

3. GutterGlove Pro

Austin Gutter King is Central Texas’ exclusive dealer for Gutter Glove Pro, the world’s MOST effective gutter cover that prevents you from ever cleaning your gutters again!

Premium Option: GutterGlove Pro

Texas Gutter King is Central Texas’ exclusive dealer for Gutter Glove Pro, the world’s MOST effective gutter cover that prevents you from ever cleaning your gutters again!

This heavy-duty micro-mesh screen keeps all types of debris and mosquitoes out of your gutter, and it has the lowest profile of any screen on the market.

Installing gutter guards from Texas Gutter King’s industry experts will protect and extend the life of your gutter system. The heavy-duty micro-mesh screen keeps debris and critters out of the gutters, allowing water to flow freely throughout the system.

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Benefits of Gutter Covers

Among the many benefits and features of installing high-quality gutter guards include:

​Improve Water Flow Through Gutter System

The water that flows through your gutter system helps to keep the downspouts from clogging. When using high-quality gutter covers, debris and other blockage materials cannot pass through gutter connection points.

With gutter guards installed, rainwater collection tanks will quickly fill with water that has not passed through fallen debris and grime.

​Minimal Maintenance

When gutter guards are installed on your gutters, debris is prevented from accumulating and blocking a clear path for water. This means you won’t have to climb a ladder as frequently or pay a professional to clean your gutters. While leaves, twigs, and other debris will fall on top of gutter covers, it is much faster, easier, and safer to sweep the debris off than to reach in and pull the mess out.

Resistant to Mold, Corrosion, Rust

If debris is allowed to enter the gutter system, it may cause water and wet leaves to accumulate until the gutters are cleaned. Mold will grow on wet leaves and other debris left inside over time, and it may spread to your roof and inside your home. Furthermore, gutter covers will keep rust and corrosion at bay over time.

Prevents Water Damage, Freezing

Ice accumulating in your gutters during the winter can cause blockages that prevent partially melted ice from flowing through your gutters. Installing gutter covers will not eliminate the risk entirely, but they will reduce the likelihood of more extensive buildups. Gutter guards work to reduce water overflow in the warmer months, which can cause structural damage to your roof and walls and increase the risk of potentially harmful mold growth.

Prevents Insect Infestations

Installing gutter guards will help to keep insects, rodents, and other animals out of your gutters that would otherwise live there. They keep birds and other animals from building nests inside gutters out of fallen twigs, leaves, and sticks. Gutter covers can deter small animals from entering your attic through the roof.

Fire Prevention Properties

Gutter covers can also serve as an effective fire protection measure for your home. They keep leaves and other brush left in gutters from becoming kindling when struck by a spark from a backyard cookout.

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